Blog Launch: Revealing Legally Attuned

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The Illinois Supreme Court issued Attuned Legal®, LLC’s Certificate of Registration on February 8, 2021. The firm started serving clients facing landlord-tenant and small business issues right away.

To celebrate three years of helping people address everyday legal problems, I’m launching the Legally Attuned blog to share insights from my journey leading Attuned Legal®.

Each month, I’ll address one topic related to legal consumer awareness and making sense of the Illinois legal services market, from attorney credentialing to billing. I’ll post an update every two months about the back-office aspects of leading this Illinois limited liability company, including regulatory compliance. And, quarterly, I’ll report on what I’ve been doing to sharpen my skills as an attorney.

One of my biggest personal challenges in running an Illinois law firm is that I can’t discuss much of my work due to client confidentiality, even when I’m really excited about what I’ve been doing. I’m proud of all Attuned Legal® has achieved in the past three years and look forward to this opportunity to offer a window into the firm’s operations.

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