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Attuned Legal, LLC provides open-minded legal advice and drafting services in Illinois microbusiness and property matters. We also offer limited-scope representation in select microbusiness and property disputes within the jurisdiction of the Circuit Court of Cook County’s First Municipal District (Daley Center), Second Municipal District (Skokie Courthouse), Chancery Division (Daley Center) and Law Division (Daley Center).

All matters start with a 50-minute phone or video consultation ($125). Our online intake process allows you to view our current availability and select an appointment that works for you. We hold the appointment time you’ve selected without requiring a deposit while we use the details you provide on the intake form to confirm whether we can assist you.

After we review the information you give us on the intake form, we email you to advise if we can proceed with the proposed consultation. When we’re able to help, we include the Engagement Agreement for the consultation and a link for you to provide online payment in advance of the appointment. If we aren’t able to assist you, we email you to let you know and release the time slot you reserved. No payment is due until we’ve completed our conflicts check and verified that we can help you.

For everyone’s protection, we require a signed Engagement Agreement from all clients before providing any services, including initial consultations. Our Engagement Agreement spells out key firm policies and clarifies the services to be provided. Unless you’re covered by a legal insurance plan we’re currently participating in, we also must receive the consultation fee via our online payment processor before the phone or video consultation takes place.

We guide self-represented people in microbusiness and property matters who want help with case strategy, document preparation, and understanding Illinois trial-level civil procedure. We also provide behind-the-scenes help with crafting and evaluating settlement options that are negotiated directly by our clients.

Our DIY clients book paid 50-minute phone or video consultations ($125) as needed or register for online legal coaching packages (starting at $600) to provide ongoing support during motion or discovery practice. During the initial consultation, we can also assess the extent of legal activities a non-attorney client might undertake on behalf of a particular business.

We help innovative Illinois-based companies and arts organizations that have fewer than ten employees with contracts, agreements, and compliance matters. As a small Illinois LLC ourselves, our team knows what it’s like to jump through legal hurdles that feel designed for bigger or more formal enterprises.

Our set fees for drafting and negotiation services start at $900 and depend on the length and complexity of the matter as well as deadlines. Microbusiness clients are also welcome to use our DIY Civil Legal Support services. Examples of our recent projects include:

  • Privacy Policies
  • Terms & Conditions (T&C)
  • Contracts, Subcontracts & Specifications
  • Purchase & Sale Agreements
  • Internal Procedures
  • Website & App Development Agreements
  • Liability Waivers
  • Illinois LLC Formation & Wind-Up

We offer non-judgmental, discreet legal assistance to tenants, small landlords, condo owners, and property associations throughout Illinois. From creating a fair application process to drafting enforceable agreements and clarifying living arrangements, whether our clients are dealing with a coworker, family member, friend, lover, or total stranger, we focus on moving forward to promote the highest good for all concerned.

Our clients with landlord-tenant matters book paid 50-minute phone or video consultations ($125) as needed for advice, including help finding and using publicly available resources. Custom drafting and negotiation services in landlord-tenant matters are available for set fees starting at $800.

  • Rental Application Procedures
  • Leases, Assignments, & Subleases
  • Early Termination & Move-Out Agreements
  • Understanding Eviction Notices
  • Complying with Local Ordinances & Registration Requirements

We provide pre-suit negotiation services for microbusiness and property disputes that would be brought in the Circuit Court of Cook County’s First Municipal District (Daley Center), Second Municipal District (Skokie Courthouse), Chancery Division (Daley Center) and Law Division (Daley Center). These services include drafting and responding to demand letters and other legal communications that encourage the exchange of information and perspectives.

All clients must start by scheduling a 50-minute consultation. Pricing for negotiation services starts at $750 and is based on details discussed at the consultation. We only offer quotes for negotiations after evaluating the facts, the legal arguments, and the people and businesses that may be involved.

We represent clients in microbusiness and property disputes in the Circuit Court of Cook County’s First Municipal District (Daley Center – City of Chicago), Second Municipal District (Skokie Courthouse), Chancery Division (Daley Center) and Law Division (Daley Center). The microbusiness and property cases we handle include landlord-tenant, condo, and homeowners association matters.

All clients must begin by scheduling a 50-minute consultation. Eviction pricing starts at $800 for tenants and $900 for landlords, which covers legal services but not any third-party costs and fees. Pricing for all other court representation starts at $1800.

For free legal help in Cook County housing matters, try Cook County Legal Aid for Housing and Debt at (855) 956-5763 or CARPLS at (312) 738-9200. Eviction Help Illinois at (855) 631-0811 offers landlord-tenant legal resources outside Cook County. Additionally, the Illinois Legal Aid Online website has great self-help articles and links to local legal aid organizations throughout Illinois.

Commonly Asked Questions

Yes! Our 50-minute consultation is a mandatory first step focused on confidential risk assessment and management. Whether or not we provide further representation, our hands-on approach to consultations allows us to give clients considered advice.

Our quotes are task-based and reflect our experience handling similar matters. This allows our clients to plan a legal budget in advance and avoids the uncertainty of an hourly billing arrangement. Starting prices for our services are listed in the descriptions above.

We take major credit cards and ACH (bank) transfers online.

Yes. Attorney time is billed at $300/hour. Clients who prefer a billable hour arrangement must provide a security retainer of at least $5,400 before work starts on their project, which we draw down as work is performed. For work to continue, the security retainer must be replenished whenever the balance drops below $900.