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Attuned Legal is a law firm helping people solve their own Illinois microbusiness, property, and rental issues through scheduled advice sessions and limited-scope representation. We provide set-fee phone and video consultation sessions, legal drafting, and legal editing. For select matters, we also agree to provide limited-scope representation in the Circuit Court of Cook County’s First Municipal District (Daley Center), Second Municipal District (Skokie Courthouse), Chancery Division (Daley Center), and Law Division (Daley Center).

Table of Contents

How to Request an Appointment

All appointments must be requested online. New matters start with a phone or video consultation session that lasts up to one hour. 

The first page of our online request form allows you to see all current openings for new matter consultation sessions. Our attorney updates their availability directly in the scheduler and only offers legal advice during scheduled appointments. If you don’t see an appointment that suits you, you should contact another attorney for legal advice as the legal issues involved in your situation may be time-sensitive.

After choosing a time for the one-hour phone or video consultation session, you’ll be asked to provide information about your situation on our intake form. To complete the request, submit the intake form.

When we receive the intake form, we send you an email to allow you to add your reservation to your calendar and make sure our emails go to your inbox. You can also use the links in the email to cancel or reschedule. Please check your spam and junk mail folders if you don’t receive this email.

We hold your reservation without requiring a deposit until we’ve confirmed that we can provide you with legal services at this time. Once we’ve reviewed your responses and checked our records for any conflicts of interest, we email you again. If we can’t assist you, we’ll cancel your reservation. If we determine that we’re able to move forward with your phone or video consultation session, we’ll send you an onboarding email.

Our Onboarding Process

Our two-step onboarding process helps new clients become comfortable with our unique approach.

We start by providing our Ground Rules. The Ground Rules apply to all of our work together, whether you hire us for one consultation session or become a repeat client. We give you the Ground Rules to review first so you can make sure that our style of limited-scope representation is the right fit for you at this time.

After you’ve consented to the Ground Rules, we’ll send the Limited-Scope Consultation Engagement Agreement for your requested consultation session. For each consultation session or other service after the initial phone or video call, you’ll sign another short Engagement Agreement agreement detailing the arrangement.

Legal services are only available after clients have consented to the Ground Rules and Engagement Agreement and completed payment arrangements.

About Consultation Sessions

Whether you’re looking for one-time advice or ongoing limited-scope representation, each new matter begins with a phone or video consultation session. During the session, our attorney listens, asks questions, reviews documents, and provides referrals to potentially useful resources.

The set fee for up to one hour of attorney consultation is $300 unless the appointment is covered by legal insurance. After the initial consultation, if you need more legal advice or direction on the same matter within six months, you can schedule either 15-minute ($90) or one-hour ($300) follow-up sessions.

Current Offerings

The core of our practice, our DIY (do-it-yourself) clients are people with Illinois microbusiness, property, and rental issues who want an attorney’s perspective on how to move forward. During phone and video consultation sessions, our attorney can discuss everything from identifying risks, reframing unfavorable facts, and case strategy to tips for understanding trial-level civil procedure in Illinois state courts.

Our DIY clients remain responsible for every aspect of handling their own legal matter, including keeping track of important deadlines and communicating with others involved. Many of our DIY clients are attracted to our consultation sessions for this ability to control whether to reveal our behind-the-scenes involvement. Others seek our confidential advice to avoid repeating an unpleasant experience or simply to learn how to work more effectively with other professionals.

Please note that Illinois law does restrict when business owners can represent their own enterprise in court proceedings. During the initial consultation, we can also assess the extent of legal activities a non-attorney client might undertake on behalf of a particular business.

We help innovative Illinois-based companies and arts organizations with contracts, agreements, and compliance matters. Our set fees for drafting and editing start at $1500 for up to three pages. Examples of our recent projects include:

  • Privacy Policies
  • Terms & Conditions (T&C)
  • Contracts, Subcontracts & Specifications
  • Purchase & Sale Agreements
  • Internal Procedures
  • Website & App Development Agreements
  • Liability Waivers
  • Illinois LLC Formation & Wind-Up

We help tenants, small landlords, condo owners, and property associations throughout Illinois with matters from creating a fair application process to drafting enforceable agreements and clarifying living arrangements. Custom drafting and editing fees for property matters start at $800 for one-page documents.

  • Rental Application Procedures
  • Leases, Assignments, & Subleases
  • Early Termination & Move-Out Agreements
  • Eviction Notices
  • Local Ordinance Compliance

For select matters, we offer limited-scope representation in the Circuit Court of Cook County’s First Municipal District (Daley Center), Second Municipal District (Skokie Courthouse), Chancery Division (Daley Center) and Law Division (Daley Center).

All matters start with a consultation before we determine whether to offer limited-scope representation. In eviction cases, we charge a set fee of $2000 for pre-trial legal services. Clients must also pay filing and service fees. Additional legal services fees apply for trial representation. Pricing for all other representation starts at $5000.

To obtain free legal help in Cook County housing matters, try Cook County Legal Aid for Housing and Debt at (855) 956-5763 or CARPLS at (312) 738-9200. Eviction Help Illinois at (855) 631-0811 offers landlord-tenant legal resources outside Cook County. Additionally, the Illinois Legal Aid Online website has great self-help articles and links to local legal aid organizations throughout Illinois.