Attuned Legal is a private law firm that provides paid phone and video consultation sessions, legal drafting, and legal editing to help people solve their own Illinois rental, property, and microbusiness issues. We also occasionally offer limited-scope representation in the Circuit Court of Cook County.

All Attuned Legal services are reserved and paid upfront. Our attorney volunteers directly with legal aid organizations, and we don’t offer free (“pro bono”) services through our firm.

For free legal help in Cook County housing matters, try Cook County Legal Aid for Housing and Debt at (855) 956-5763 or CARPLS at (312) 738-9200. Eviction Help Illinois at (855) 631-0811 offers landlord-tenant legal resources outside Cook County. Illinois Legal Aid Online also has great self-help articles and links to local legal aid organizations throughout Illinois.

Table of Contents

How to Request a Consultation

Appointments must be requested online. Our online scheduler displays our attorney’s current consultation availability, and your legal matter may be very time-sensitive. Contact another attorney for legal advice if you don’t see an appointment that suits you.

After selecting the appointment you wish to request, fill out our form to tell us about your legal situation. Submitting the form doesn’t make us your attorney or require us to provide legal services. We’ll review your submitted information and then confirm or cancel your appointment.

If your session is confirmed, you must complete our intake paperwork and provide payment before speaking with our attorney. Legal advice is only available during scheduled sessions. We cancel appointments when the intake paperwork and payment aren’t complete before the scheduled start time.

Consultation Sessions ($300)

Each new matter begins with a phone or video consultation session. The set fee for up to one hour of attorney consultation is $300. After the initial consultation, if you need more legal advice or direction on the same matter within six months, you can schedule either 30-minute ($125) or one-hour ($250) follow-up sessions.

Our consultation service aims to allow you to resolve matters cost-effectively and discreetly without relying on an attorney to do steps you can do yourself. Clients often seek our perspective in delicate rental, condo, and family business situations where revealing the involvement of an attorney would increase tension. We also help people who have already taken risks and want to manage the consequences.

During the session, our attorney listens to you, explores facts, explains the law, and provides referrals to potentially valuable resources. Please note that Illinois law does restrict when business owners can represent their enterprise in court proceedings. During the initial consultation, we can also assess the extent of legal activities a non-attorney might undertake on behalf of a particular business.

Illinois Microbusiness Legal Drafting & Editing ($1500+)

When it makes sense following a paid consultation session, we offer legal drafting and editing services for Illinois small businesses and art projects. Fees for drafting and editing start at $1500 for up to three pages. Our projects include:

  • Privacy Policies
  • Terms & Conditions (T&C)
  • Contracts, Subcontracts & Specifications
  • Purchase & Sale Agreements
  • Internal Procedures
  • Website & App Development Agreements
  • Liability Waivers
  • Illinois LLC Formation & Wind-Up

Illinois Rental Legal Drafting & Editing ($1500+)

When appropriate, after a paid consultation session, we help tenants, small landlords, condo owners, and property associations throughout Illinois with paperwork. Custom drafting and editing fees for rental matters start at $1500 for up to three pages.

  • Rental Application Procedures
  • Leases, Assignments, & Subleases
  • Early Termination & Move-Out Agreements
  • Eviction Notices
  • Local Ordinance Compliance

Cook County Limited-Scope Representation ($2500+)

After the initial paid consultation, we may agree to offer limited-scope representation. We only appear on behalf of clients in the Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois.

In eviction cases, we charge a set fee of $2500 for pre-trial legal services and an additional $2500 for trial. Clients must also pay filing, service, and witness fees. All other representation starts at $5000.