Get Support Now

Legal issues often bring up strong emotions. Free support lines can give you confidential space to process and begin healing even before you’ve found an attorney.

We’ve heard positive feedback on the following free support resources:

Free Legal Help

You may not need a private (paid) attorney if you qualify for legal aid services. Illinois’ patchwork of legal aid resources may have something for you! To find out whether free help is available for your situation, contact:

Also, check out our attorney’s Fall 2022 presentation for Evanston Public Library’s Law at the Library series on finding legal aid resources:

Limited-Scope Legal Services

We only offer limited-scope legal services planned and paid for in advance. This may differ from your prior experiences working with an attorney or what your friends or family expect an attorney-client relationship to look like. Limited-scope representation also isn’t appropriate for all matters.

With limited-scope representation, you handle all parts of your legal matter except those you have specifically assigned to your legal team. You’re totally in control of your matter and responsible for all decisions. Look for more information in the Illinois Supreme Court’s Limited Scope Representation resources.

Private (Paid) Attorneys

Here are a few great places to find other private attorneys. When using these resources, remember to ask about fee structures:

Find a Therapist

In addition to calling free support lines, our clients often find peace and joy by participating in longer-term therapy with a trained mental health professional. Regular therapy sessions can be particularly valuable during a legal matter because handling legal issues effectively often requires keeping sensitive information private from friends and family while doing things out of your comfort zone.

We strongly encourage exploring all available resources for confidential, therapeutic assistance as you navigate legal concerns. If you have health insurance, including Medicaid, you can call the number on your insurance card to request information about in-plan providers that may be accepting new clients. Services like Open Path Collective can also help connect you with more affordable private-pay therapists.